Torah Readings

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B'reisheet2017/10/1424 Tishri 5778Genesis 1:1-6:8see hereIsaiah 42:5-43:10see hereJohn 1:1-18see here
Noach2017/10/211 Heshvan 5778Genesis 6:9-11:32see hereIsaiah 54:1-55:5see hereLuke 1:5-80see here
Lech Lecha2017/10/288 Heshvan 5778Genesis 12:1-17:27see hereIsaiah 40:27-41:16see hereMatthew 1:1-17see here
Vayera2017/11/0415 Heshvan 5778Genesis 18:1-22:24see here2 Kings 4:1-37see hereLuke 2:1-38see here
Chayei Sarah2017/11/1122 Heshvan 5778Genesis 23:1-25:18see here1 Kings 1:1-31see hereMatthew 2:1-23see here
Toldot2017/11/1829 Heshvan 5778Genesis 25:19-28:9see hereMalachi 1:1-2:7see hereLuke 3:1-18see here
Vayetze2017/11/257 Kislev 5778Genesis 28:10-32:2see hereHosea 12:12-14:10see hereMatthew 3:13-4:11see here
Vayishlach2017/12/0214 Kislev 5778Genesis 32:3-36:43see hereHosea 11:7-12:12,see here Obadiah 1:1-21see hereJohn 1:19-2:12see here
Vayeshev2017/12/0921 Kislev 5778Genesis 37:1-40:23see hereAmos 2:6-3:8see hereJohn 2:13-4:42see here
Miketz2017/12/1628 Kislev 5778Genesis 41:1-44:17see hereIsaiah 66:1-24see hereLuke 4:16-31see here
Vayigash2017/12/235 Tevet 5778Genesis 44:18-47:27see hereEzekiel 37:15-28see hereJohn 5:1-47see here
Vayechi2017/12/3012 Tevet 5778Genesis 47:28-50:26see here1 Kings 2:1-12see hereLuke 4:31-5:11see here
Shemot2018/01/0619 Tevet 5778Exodus 1:1-6:1see hereIsaiah 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23see here Luke 5:12-39see here
Va'era2018/01/1326 Tevet 5778Exodus 6:2-9:35see hereEzekiel 28:25-29:21see hereMatthew 12:1-14see here
Bo2018/01/204 Shevat 5778Exodus 10:1-13:16see hereJeremiah 46:13-28see hereMark 3:7-19see here
Beshalach2018/01/2711 Shevat 5778Exodus 13:17-17:16see hereJudges 4:4-5:31see hereMatthew 5see here
Yitro2018/02/0318 Shevat 5778Exodus 18:1-20:23see hereIsaiah 6:1-7:6,see here 9:5-6Matthew 6:1-8:1see here
Mishpatim2018/02/1025 Shevat 5778Exodus 21:1-24:18see hereJeremiah 34:8-22, 33:25-26see hereLuke 7:1-8:3see here
Terumah2018/02/172 AdarI 5778Exodus 25:1-27:19see here1 Kings 5:26-6:13see hereMatthew 13:1-53see here
Tetzaveh2018/02/249 AdarI 5778Exodus 27:20-30:10see hereEzekiel 43:10-27see hereMark 4:35-5:43see here
Ki Tisa2018/03/0316 AdarI 5778Exodus 30:11-34:35see here1 Kings 18:1-39see hereMatthew 9:35-11:1see here
Vayak'hel/Pekudei2018/03/1023 AdarI 5778Exodus 35:1-40:38see here2 Kings 11:17-12:17see hereMark 6:14-29see here
John 6:1-71see here
Vayikra2018/03/171 Nisan 5778Leviticus 1:1-5:26see here1 Samuel 15:1-34see hereMark 7:1-30see here
Tzav2018/03/248 Nisan 5778Leviticus 6:1-8:36see hereJeremiah 7:21-8:3, 9:22-23see hereMark 7:31-8:38see here
Pesach2018/03/3015 Nisan 5778Exodus 12:21-51see hereJoshua 3:5-7, 5:2-6:1, 6:27 see here
Chol HaMo'ed Pesach2018/04/0722 Nisan 5778Exodus 33:12-34:26see hereEzekiel 37:1-14 see here
Sh'mini2018/04/1429 Nisan 5778Leviticus 9:1-11:47see here2 Sam. 6:1-7:17see hereMark 9:1-13see here
Tazria/Metzora2018/04/216 Iyyar 5778Leviticus 12:1-13:33see here2 Kings 7:3-20see hereMark 9:14-50see here
Luke 9:51-10:42see here
Acharei Mot/Kedoshim2018/04/2813 Iyyar 5778Leviticus 16:1-20:27see hereEzekiel 22:1-19see hereJohn 7:1-52see here
John 7:53-10:21see here
Emor2018/05/0520 Iyyar 5778Leviticus 21:1-24:23see hereEzekiel 44:15-31see hereLuke 11:1-12:59see here
Behar/Bechukotai2018/05/1227 Iyyar 5778Leviticus 25:1-27:34see hereJeremiah 16:19-17:14see hereLuke 13:1-33see here John 10:22-42see here
Luke 14:1-15:32see here
Bamidbar2018/05/195 Sivan 5778Numbers 1:1-4:20see hereHosea 2:1-22see hereLuke 16:1-17:10see here
Nasso2018/05/2612 Sivan 5778Numbers 4:21-7:89see hereJudges 13:2-5see hereJohn 11:1-54see here
Beha'alotcha2018/06/02 19 Sivan 5778Numbers 8:1-12:15see hereZechariah 2:14-4:7see hereLuke 17:11-18:14see here
Shelach2018/06/0926 Sivan 5778Numbers 13:1-15:41see hereJoshua 2:1-24see hereMark 10:1-45see here
Korach2018/06/163 Tammuz 5778Numbers 16:1-18:32see here1 Samuel 11:14-12:22see hereLuke 18:35-19:28see here
Chukat2018/06/2310 Tammuz 5776Numbers 19:1-22:1see hereJudges 11:1-33see hereMatthew 21:1-17see here
Balak2018/06/3017 Tammuz 5775Numbers 22:2-25:9see hereMicah 5:6-6:8see hereMark 11:12-26see here
Pinchas2018/07/0724 Tammuz 5775Numbers 25:10-30:1see here1 Kings 18:46-19:21see hereMark 11:27-12:37see here
Mattot/Massei2018/07/142 Av 5775Numbers 30:2-36:13see hereJeremiah 1:1-2:3see hereMatthew 23:1-39 24:1-25:46see here
Devarim2017/07/296 Av 5775Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22see hereIsaiah 1:1-27see hereMark 14:1-16see here
Va'etchanan2017/08/0513 Av 5777Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11see hereIsaiah 40:1-26see hereLuke 22:13-38see here
Ekev2017/08/1220 Av 5777Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25see hereIsaiah 49:14-51:3see hereJohn 13:31-15:27see here
Re'eh2017/08/1927 Av 5777Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17see hereIsaiah 66:1-24see hereJohn 16:1-17:26see here
Shoftim2017/08/264 Elul 5777Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9see hereIsaiah 51:12-52:12see hereMatthew 26:47-27:10see here
Ki Tetze2017/09/0211 Elul 5777Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19see hereIsaiah 54:1-10see hereLuke 23:1-25see here
Ki Tavo2017/09/0918 Elul 5777Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8see hereIsaiah 60:1-22see hereLuke 23:26-56see here
Nitzavim/Vayelech2017/09/1625 Elul 5777Deuteronomy 29:9-31:30see hereIsaiah 61:10-63:9see hereLuke 24:1-12see here
Luke 24:13-43see here
Ha'azinu2017/09/233 Tishri 5778Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52see hereHosea 14:2-10see here Micah 7:18-20see here Joel 2:15-27see hereJohn 20:26-21:25see here
Yom Kippur2017/09/3010 Tishri 5778Leviticus 16see hereIsaiah 57:14-58:14see here
Chol HaMo'ed Sukkot2017/10/0717 Tishri 5778Exodus 33:12-34:26see hereEzekiel 38:18-39:16see here



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