I have decided to host alot of Alan Horvath teachings here as backup. Their was a small bit of bother on youtube which may or may not become a real problem but in the event that it does .Then most of  Alans teachings will be here for all to view.

May Abba Yhwh Bless him in all that he does in the name of our Savoir Yahshua haMashiach.

The True Name of Our Creator

The Character & Nature of YHWH Elohim

About Salvation

Salvation Past Present & Future

About the Netchatef | aka Harpazo | aka Rapture

Who Are the Children of Elohim

Otiot! La Shone ha Qodesh Qaddam

Aramaic Hebrew Words & Names


About Satan

The Master of Disguise

The Book of Romans

The Book of Romans Chapter 1

The Book of Hebrews


The Holidays

About Christmas




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