All these Bible’s are free to download . just click on the image of your choosing. To be directed to their download pages.


Esword is a free bible software which has many Bible versions free for your download.



Halleluyah Scripures is a restored version. Replacing all the pagan words we find in all our modern day bibles. for the true Kodesh words. Pray and meditate as you read and the Ruach HaKodesh will teach you as you go . You can get a paper back version by clicking the link above ^^^^^^

If you can, a donation would go a long way to help get this  restored Word out to many people that just don’t have the funding or access to a computer. If you would like to donate. then follow the Halleluyah Scripture link above ^^^^^^

You can download the Halleluyah Scriptures in ebook format (Windows version).

hs book

Only notice that the book of Matthew has been corrupted Click Here to download a PDF file containing the book of Mattithyahu.

You can also download the book of Hanok (Enoch) from HS in ebook format (Windows version). hanokdownload



17 comments on “Free Bible’s

    • Hello Pandao

      I have not been able to find a copy of HS that will work on android devices or any mobile device. The files available here are windows compatible only and have only been tested on windows Xp/Vista/7.

      If you can find a way to emulate windows on your android device, then it could be possible to use the files available here or maybe there is a pdf version somewhere online but i have not yet found them.

      Yahshua Blessings

  1. hi. …
    im anghie i search this book to know about what is written in halelujah scripture
    may i have some one if you dont mind. …
    i want that book…well i am very glad and thankful if you allow me to have that…

    • Hello angelita de dios

      Thank you for notifying me of this problem. I have just fixed the links and the downloads are now ready.

      Yahshua Bless

  2. Shalom,
    Thanks for the copy.
    I hope the Spanish’s version will be available soon.
    Love from Spain.

    • Shalom Maria

      Don’t thank me. Thank Abba and his servants who have put in the real effort. I just merely run this site but i’m glad that you got something useful from here 😉

      Yahshua Blessings

    • I know it would, it would make it available across every platform capable of reading PDF files but for what every reason the makers at HallelYah Scriptures only ever made the Book of Matthew in PDf format. i have searched high and low to find a complete pdf HalleluYah Scriptures but i don’t think it exists

    • Hello Christopher
      To my understanding there is only the PDF version of the Book of Matthew that would work on iOS.

  3. How can I order a free HalleluYAH Scripture if I have no credit cards – nor do I have a job?
    I was widowed 4 years back and today live extremely frugally in a little building in my daughter’s back yard.
    I study alot and currently have an ISR. Would truly love to own the HalleluYAH Scriptures

    • Hi Cheryl

      I don’t know how you can get a copy of HalleluYah Scriptures without paying one, maybe contact them (here is an article explaining who can get a free copy Free to whom). I don’t have a physical copy myself either. If you have a Microsoft Windows pc you can download the ebook version for free here.

      May Yhwh Bless you.

  4. Don’t bother! It has major errors in it like every other “modern” translation. I was very disappointed to discover this (just today as a matter of fact). What’s missing is 650 years of history which makes the accounts in Genesis unworkable and destroys the deity of the Son. These errors come from the masoretic text which was been purposely altered. You can find out exactly what I am talking about by watching the video below, and can prove it for your self in five minutes of research online.
    Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? (Masoretic Text vs. Original Hebrew)

    • Hi Thomas

      thank you for sharing that youtube video. very interesting. i do agree that of course our translations have errors but to do away with them completely would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water. We live in a corrupted world an we just gotta make the best out what we have. i believe although they are corrupted that they still have enough truth for us to seek Yahshua HaMashiach and also as Nathan said even the Septuagint has it’s own problems. We just gotta bring all sources together and build our battle chests with all the right answers for those firey dart

      May you have a Blessed day in Yahshua HaMashiach

  5. Thank you, Servant

    Please forgive my overreaction. I love the Hallelujah Scriptures.
    Thank you for your patient answer, which of course is correct.


  6. Dear Servant,
    I am at a loss to open the HS e-book. I have tried everything I have been able to research online concerning screen capture and print screen. Even register editing to control whatever is blocking the download. I had no trouble with the Hanok and Matt files, but because Windows 10 Home version does not have a complete policy control set-up available for my system, I think I may not be able to get it done.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your attention.

    • Problem solved:
      Dumped Windows 10 and got my good old Windows 7 back up again.
      Everything works perfectly.


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