Avi Lipkin speaks on the deception of islam, the followers of islam and their plan for jew and christian alike, in a matter of fact.it is their plan for all none islamic’s in the world. it is a 2 part talk found below. Yahshua Bless

Session 1


Session 2


Walid Shoebat was the first to have the revelation of of the mystery of 666 in revelation 13:18. It is thought that 666 in the text was mis-translated. see the video’s to make your own mind up.





I think Walid has it pinned down. their is a few things that he does not point out . like who is the false prophet? and what about Revelation 18:12? but i think he is for the most part right . why not take a look for yourself and make your own mind . Yahshua Bless

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