23rd of September 2017 is day to look up if not just for an awesome sight in the heavens but also for a possible prophetic sign described in Revelation 12.

Scott Clark at ERF has put together a brilliantly edited video sharing his finds, take a look and see what you think.

Scott Clark has produced a mass of videos on end time signs found in the Bible

You can find Scott’s Youtube channel here eternalrhythmflow

2 comments on “23rd of September 2017

  1. Alan, what day is the day of atonement?
    We enjoy watching you teach!
    Thank you so much!
    Farod and Joy Baldwin.

    • Hello Farod and Joy Baldwin. i’m sorry but this site has nothing to do with Alan Horvath. i presume that is whom you thought you were talking with. A year or so ago Alan was having trouble with youtube and i offered to host some of his videos here with his permission. If you are wanting to talk with Alan you can find him at WatchAlan

      Thanks you and Yahshua Bless you

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